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The Fantasy Football Forbes and Rummy List: Week 3 NFL Rankings

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Whatever your flavor is, PPR, non-PPR, or 0.5 PPR, we have you covered with our week 3 rankings. Last week we finished 5th overall out of 133 experts in the FantasyPros weekly rankings contest.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Also be sure to check our DraftStreet $1000 NFL Week 3 Freeroll Contest. You pick a lineup for week 3 within the salary cap and have the chance to win cash prizes, for free! If you do deposit money into your account, you'll get a 100% deposit bonus. DraftStreet offers all sorts of cash games that you can play to win money, and it's 100% legal.

Any questions or lineup help? Hit us up by e-mail, Twitter (@RumfordJohnny, @RyFo18), or leave your question in the comments below.

If you're wondering what "ECR" means, we are participating in the accuracy contest, and that is just an "Expert Consensus Ranking" among all contest participants.

Some updates will come throughout the week(end), so check back Sunday morning for the final rankings.

LAST UPDATED: September 2 @ 10:48am ET

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so you have Pierce ranked 17 if Rice doesn't play, but you have Rice listed at 31 if he does play. Why is that?

Rice doesn't have a lot working in his favor. He has a doubtful listing, so we know his hip is still pretty bad. If he does play, there is a chance he reaggravates it and then you're left with nothing. Pierce would still probably see a lot of carries if Rice is active and the goal line work. There is just a lot of risk involved with playing him been if he's active this week.

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